A conversation about mental health and families

The Wish Horse and COPMI - children of parents with mental illness

The Wish Horse is, at its heart, a story about the effects on children when a parent has a mental illness. It's also about resilience, courage, and difficult choices. It's a fictional, narrative film -- not a documentary. But we're finding that this fictional story creates a specific, emotional experience for our audiences. They love the characters, and they worry about them!  After viewing the film, people want to engage with the difficult questions about mental health and families.

When I screen The Wish Horse at festivals, I'm usually approached by audience members after the screening -- often the adult children of parents with mental illness. For example, at our Katra Film Series screening in NYC, a woman came up to me after the screening and said, "Thank you! I've never seen my story on the screen before." These interactions are humbling and remind me of the power of storytelling. Now the film is becoming a conversation starter about COPMI in college classrooms, community groups, and mental health organizations. 

In this blog, my general focus will be on the intersection of art and social issues. Specifically, I'll share COPMI news, research, and resources. Also, I'll write about the story and characters in The Wish Horse and the making of the film. I hope you will join the conversation!

                          --  Lisa Ford, Director